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Who needs love when you’ve got a Land Rover Defender?

Could you drop everything and go and pursue your dream for six months, entirely alone and living out of a Land Rover Defender? That’s exactly what German photographer Lars Schneider did and, fortunately for us, he took a video camera with him…

Satisfying solitude

When Lars Schneider is not working on commercial projects that inhibit his creativity, he likes to go on solo adventures in remote locations such as the Faroe Islands to capture stunning landscapes in all their natural beauty. Inspired by trips he took with his father as a boy, his desire to explore does come at a price, however. Spending up to six months of the year away from his wife and children is, he admits, very frustrating. But for a self-fulfilling mission, he sees it as essential. In the company of his trusty Land Rover Defender (where have we heard that before?), he’s entirely free to shoot what he wants, when he wants to. 

Video: Lars Schneider / Peter Bender

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