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Shaking down a Porsche GT3 R with the Rennsport Collective

In November, the South African amateur racing driver Andre Bezuidenhout will fulfil a lifelong dream and enter a Porsche 911 GT3 R in the Kyalami 9 Hours, together with fellow countrymen Franco and Silvio Scribante. This short film documents their very first shakedown at Silverstone…

A long time coming

The fantastic short film documenting Bezuidenhout and his co-pilots first test of their Porsche 997.2 GT3 R at Silverstone was produced by the Rennsport Collective, a new movement with motorsport-inspired Porsches at its core. On 20 July, Rennsport Collective will hold its very first event at the spectacular Donington Hall in England, celebrating Porsche’s rich motorsport history. The display of road and racing cars will be carefully curated by colour, not type or genre as is usually the case at such events. This should make for a visually spectacular event that is as diverse as it is eye-catching. And of course, Bezuidenhout’s GT3 will be present before it’s shipped over to South Africa for its nine hours in the spotlight. We hope to see some of you at Donington Hall in July… 

Video: Rennsport Collective 

The inaugural Rennsport Collective event will take place at the picturesque Donington Hall Estate in Leicestershire, England, on 20 July. For more information about the event or to buy tickets, please visit Rennsport Collective’s website