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Quadruple your mojo with Floyd’s superfly summer travel cases on wheels

Bright as the bubblegum bubbles of 1970s Venice Beach, Floyd has released a new set of vibrant colourways for their iconic travel cases on wheels.

Inspired by early skateboard culture and the laid-back Californian way of life of the 1970s, our friends from Floyd have reinvented the business trolley – and given modern travellers their mojo back. Since the Munich-based brand launched in spring 2019, Floyd’s rolling travel cases on polyurethan wheels have become a must-have for enthusiasts of cool, cheerful, and unconventional design. Now they have released three new, ultra-glossy signature colours for their Cabin and Check-In suitcases. We couldn’t imagine a more positive, funky, and life-affirming accessory for our return to airport catwalks and motel lobbies after that godforsaken pandemic break. 

Dipped in slurpy Sugar Pink, maritime Miami Blue and glittering Floyd Gold, the latest Floyd trolleys could have easily graced the centerfold pages of the naughtiest 1970s, err, skateboarding magazine. And if you are the proud owner of an Alfa, BMW, or even a Cadillac from this golden age of the automobile, the new Floyd cases will tie in perfectly with your period-correct appearance. Luckily, you can find all of Floyd’s fabulous luggage and accessories in the Classic Driver Shop.

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