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Glide into the sidewalk surfing season with Banzai’s new skateboards

Our friends from Banzai have just added their latest skateboard heritage collection to the CD Shop and we can't wait to hit the pavement and give them a try!

Founded in 1976 in California, Banzai’s timeless skateboards have played an important role in the global skateboarding revolution. The decks, which were made entirely of anodised aluminium and featured one of the very first double kicktails, soon became an icon for sidewalk surfers around the world. Some even consider Banzai’s timeless slalom skateboards to be ‘the godfather of decks’. In 2020, Banzai returned with an exclusive reissue of its most original skateboard. Now, for spring 2022, they have introduced new and bold colour ways to their iconic aluminium skateboard and added a wooden board to their heritage collection. 

Equipped with thicker, shock-absorbing riser pads and a wheelbase closer to modern skateboards, Banzai’s new ‘woodies’ will turn hovering through your city into a whole new sensation. All Banzai boards, as well as their latest merch, can be found in the CD Shop.