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This 575 Superamerica - one of Ferrari’s quirkiest and finest grand tourers - could be yours

Super exclusive, super rare, and super fast, the Ferrari 575 Superamerica was a car reserved for only Ferrari’s favourite clientele, but now MARC Classic & Sports Cars have one that could be yours.

While the 812 GTS is theoretically available to anyone with a sufficiently healthy bank balance, Ferrari’s open-top front-engined V12 halo cars have traditionally been highly limited models that Maranello would only think about selling to it’s favourite clients, and it’s easy to see why. The experience of pedalling Ferrari’s finest grand tourer with the wind in your hair and the wail of their V12 masterpiece shaking your fillings loose is a great way to reward your most supportive customers, and the 575 Superamerica was one hell of a reward. However, the Superamerica’s real party piece wasn’t its V12, but its carbon and electrochromic glass roof mechanism, developed with Italian glass specialist Saint Gobain. The roof, which flipped 180 degrees onto the rear deck, transformed the Superamerica from coupe to convertible in just 7 seconds and boasted electrically adjustable tint controlled by console-mounted dial.

The car you see here, chassis #143790, is one of just 559 built and was completed at the tail end of 2005 and delivered on January 26th, 2006 by the then-official Ferrari dealer Forza SPA in Turin to Italian industrialist and Ferrari connoisseur, Alberto Garnerone. Mr Garnerone clearly wasn’t playing around with the spec, choosing a classically Ferrari combination of Rosso Scuderia paint with Nero leather interior, which looks stunning to this day, especially with that yellow rev counter. It remained in his substantial collection, comprised of over 300 cars, until his death in 2008, which led to the car’s sale to its second home in Bavaria through a German dealer, where it has remained since 2012. While the car has been carefully cared for throughout its life, it has been rarely driven, resulting in an odometer reading of just under 8,000 miles and the car’s absolutely flawless condition. 

The current owner replaced the original Becker radio with a more modern Blaupunkt navigation radio (original still included), something we imagine would only tempt the next owner into letting this stunning grand tourer stretch its legs. Thanks to MARC Classic & Sports Cars you can now own one of the finest examples of the 575 Superamerica in existence, without being on first name terms with the Ferrari family.

Photos by Stephan Bauer

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