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Master the Mini hand signals with these new gloves from The Outlierman

As all those who’ve ever purchased a Mini Cooper know, there’s a special set of hand signals out there just for Mini owners — and with these three Mini-inspired driving gloves from The Outlierman, you can take your hand-signal game to an all-new level…

Genuine leather gestures

Within its newest Capsule Collection, The Outlierman has developed three driving gloves — The Bespoke, The Authentic Race, and The Rebel — to honour automotive legend John Cooper and the enthusiasts devoted to his eponymous car. The Authentic Race is an original driving glove in bright red leather, with stitching inspired by the details on the steering wheel and seats of the Mini John Cooper Works. The Bespoke features peccary leather in the iconic Mini Rebel Green with a lattice of red lambskin woven in. The Rebel is a black and red lambskin glove that has been finely perforated for breathability and performance at the wheel. But it doesn’t matter which pair you wear, as all three gloves send the right signals…

Photos: SSSZ Photography & André Fister for The Outlierman

The new Mini John Cooper Works Capsule Collection from The Outlierman can be found in the Classic Driver Market.