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Could you shake this Mini Cooper S Police car off your tail?

The world’s most adored vehicle came in all shapes and sizes over its lifespan, but the plucky Mini Cooper took on an entirely new role when UK Police forces were given the keys to them. Now, this ex-police car heads to Broad Arrow Group’s upcoming Amelia Auction on 3rd March.

The late 1960s gave the world some truly fantastic cars. While man took one giant leap onto the Moon and The Beatles made their last public performance, cars such as Ferrari’s 246 Dino, the Ford Capri, Porsche 914 and Triumph TR6 all made their debuts, showcasing that the 1970s was going to be the decade of style and speed in perfect unity. 

Style is one thing, but speeding, in almost any country is frowned upon, and the United Kingdom were hell-bent on slowing motorists down, especially in built up cities where accidents were far more likely to take place. While the US had V8-powered brutes like the Plymouth Satellite, the U.K took a far less intimidating approach, opting for a Wolseley or Vauxhall Viva for example. Hardly cars that were likely to apprehend crims ploughing through the gears in a stolen TR6, but the force had an ace up its sleeve when it came to built-up city chases – the Mini Cooper S. 

Navigating narrower streets with uprated 'S' power, not to mention impressive fuel economy and ease of use, the Mini Cooper S became available to Liverpool’s constabulary in 1970, where it was reported they had 27 Mk II Cooper S models at their disposal. While many would disregard its microscopic 1,275cc engine, the Mini’s go kart handling was exactly what was needed to zip through back alleys and narrow roads to keep up with even the most daring of criminals. 

This example was put to use for just a single year by the Liverpool Constabulary before completing its service time. After leaving official use, Broad Arrow Group believe it was likely sold, entering private British ownership. Just imagine how cool it would be showing your friends the ex-police paraphernalia?! The car has since undergone a complete restoration, ensuring it is brought back to its former glory, and is finished in the period-correct Glacier White with black leather interior. 

There aren’t many cars that will turn heads quite like an original Mini, but one that’s plastered in Police iconography is certain to get those crowds in! This fine example is heading to Broad Arrow Group’s upcoming Amelia Auction on 3rd March.