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Somebody needs to give this classic Mini its first taste of the open road!

After being bought new in Salon-de-Provence, this Mini was parked for 28 years. Now you could take it on its first adventure as it heads to Aguttes’ Tour Auto 2024 auction in Paris.

If any car embodies the phrase “Small but mighty” it’s the original Mini. These tiny hatchbacks quickly became the go-to runabouts for celebrities of both the silver screen and the race track, while rally and race-prepped variants would successfully battle cars that were much larger, more expensive, and more powerful. You could say that within each classic Mini lies an enormous well of untapped potential, and it’s simply up to you as its driver to go out there and see what these iconic hatchbacks are capable of for yourself. 

However, with these legendary British automobiles’ immense popularity comes an immense amount of use, and finding one in prime condition is often easier said than done. As luck would have it, though, among the lots in Aguttes’ upcoming Tour Auto 2024 auction in Paris on April 22nd, you’ll find this unbelievable, un-driven 1996 Rover Mini with just 24 km on the odometer. 

Even better, it’s a British Open Classic special edition, featuring perfectly-appropriate British Racing Green bodywork over comfortable beige velvet upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Adding some extra visual flair to the exterior are a collection of lovely gold British Open Classic decals, and its alloy wheels and chrome trim all present in as-new condition. While its 1300cc fuel-injected engine will require some TLC after sitting for so long, the rest of this Mini is in an outstanding state of preservation, making it an almost unbeatable starting point for your next automotive adventure.