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Hermès brings your wildest dreams to life with Le Sur-Mesure

Have you ever gone into a store with a vision in your head of what you wanted to buy, only to find it doesn’t exist? Now, with Hermès’ Le Sur-Mesure project, your deepest desires and greatest wants can now be made a reality…

Dreams really do come true

Since 1837, Hermès has offered bespoke versions of its products to their most special clients — from harnesses and saddles to leather trunks and silk scarves — but now, they’re taking this custom-made concept a step further and removing all limitations. Not only will they customise products they already offer, they will also work with clients to design products never before conceived. When looking through its recent commissions, it seems that nothing is off limits for Hermès —  an anvil case made for artist Jean-Michel Alberola, a bright green apple case, a red, yellow, and orange winged riding saddle, bespoke shirt cuffs, red boxing gloves, and the outlandish list doesn’t end there. With Le Sur-Mesure Hermès, you can also make your preferred mode of transportation uniquely yours, with custom interiors for your classic car, front decks for your pleasure craft, or reclining chairs for your private jet. It seems that it may not be the sky that’s the limit, but actually your own imagination…

Photos: Hermès

More information on Le Sur-Mesure by Hermès, can be found at their dedicated website, while a wide range of Hermès collectables can be found in the Classic Driver Market.