Snapshot, 1975: Is it Cozy in the there, Mr Powell?

It’s August 1975, and legendary drummer and speed merchant Colin ‘Cozy’ Powell – who has just been recruited into rock band Rainbow – is trying this single-seater out for size…

By this time, both Powell’s drumming prowess and insatiable need for speed have made themselves evident – indeed, his 1973 solo drum instrumental ‘Dance With The Devil’ reached number three in the UK charts and, more recently, he raced a Hitachi-sponsored Mazda in a Radio 1-sponsored ‘Fun Day’ and won his class. In an interview, he’s been quoted as saying “I drive like I drum – madly.” He might never make it as a pro, but he’s certainly got the stare of intensity down to a tee.

Photo: Stevens/ANL/REX/Shutterstock