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You’ll lust for an Aston Martin Virage after watching this video...

“Leonardo da Vinci once said science and art can walk hand in hand,” says Alexander Davidis, CEO of Davidis Films, “and nothing personifies this idea more than the existence of beautiful collector cars such as this special Aston Martin Virage...”

The best medium

Davidis Films aims to provide companies with fabulous short films that truly arouse the emotions associated with our hobby – something that, according to Davidis, is best achieved via the medium of video. Take the Aston Martin Virage that stars in this beautiful clip, for example. As the film shows, it’s a car that ‘has no image’ yet boasts incredible road presence and an obvious feeling that it was hand-built with so much love, dedication, craftsmanship and passion. If your reaction to the video was anything like ours, you’ll be browsing Virages in the Classic Driver Market before long…  

Video: Davidis Film

You can find a selection of Aston Martin Virages listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.