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Twenty Ferrari 250 GTOs on Italian roads may have been the most expensive rally

Any convoy of classic Ferraris in their homeland is a spectacle, but a swarm of Ferrari 250 GTOs crossing through Italy to celebrate the model’s 55th anniversary has to be one of the most spectacular rallies ever held…

Priceless memories

Concluding at the home of Ferrari — Maranello — the 55th anniversary rally saw 20 of the 36 GTOs ever produced travel through Tuscany, Florence, and Chianti, blast around the Mugello Circuit, and parade about Ferrari’s own Fiorano Circuit before arriving back home. As one of the most recognised and coveted cars of all time, with well-documented seven-figure sums attached to each example, a gathering of such scale is pure sensory overload, and a most fitting celebration for an iconic road and racing hero — although, we don’t envy the task of insuring such a gathering…

Photos: Ferrari

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