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Stop waiting for summer – it’s just arrived

There’s no more waiting for summer 2018. It’s already here with Cool & Vintage’s latest video. Beautiful women road-tripping through a beautiful desert wasteland in custom open-top Defenders and motorcycles — what more could you want ahead of a summer to remember?

It’s summertime and livin’ is easy

If anyone knows the true meaning of not waiting for tomorrow to live your life, it’s Ricardo Pessoa — the founder and CEO of custom restoration shop Cool & Vintage. And after a great amount of success with some of his own custom Land Rover restorations and builds in the past couple of years, Pessoa is offering a chance for its Cool & Vintage followers to have a hand at it. The company’s currently taking custom orders for Defender and Series Land Rovers — starting at 71,000 and 55,000 euros, respectively. Each nut-and-bolt build will see the car completely disassembled down to its chassis and over 1,000 hours of labour invested into it. While all build slots are filled for 2018, Cool & Vintage is taking orders now for March 2019. With one of these custom Landys, summer can be yours for the taking.

Video: Cool & Vintage

To learn more about the custom builds, visit Cool & Vintage’s website. Or if you can’t wait until 2019, Cool & Vintage has a handful of custom builds listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market now.