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You don’t park a Unimog, you simply stop and get out

One of Mercedes-Benz’s finest creations is a machine few are familiar with, but this Unimog deserves the spotlight as it heads to Wannenes’ upcoming sale at Parma Automotoretrò on the 5th March.

Sure, a Defender will get you out of thick mud, a Land Cruiser will breeze through deep water, hell, even a Geländewagen will tackle most rock-filled inclines without breaking a sweat, but when these rugged icons get into trouble, they call on the ultimate go-anywhere vehicle to get them home. That vehicle is known as the 'Universal-Motor-Gerät, or Unimog for short.

Created by Alber Friedrich and Heinrich Rößler almost immediately after the Second World War, the Unimog was built to be put to work in just about any environment, rain or shine, boiling or freezing, it would just keep on working. 

After initial production in 1948, Mercedes-Benz took over the assembly line three years later, and produced a much larger density of Unimogs with many different industries in mind. These vehicles were void of any of the renowned Merc luxury, but they more than made up for it with their ability, featuring an ingenious flexible chassis design that allowed this giant vehicle to scale even the toughest of terrain.

This particular example was built in 1963 and sports the famously robust 411 engine. The Unimog was originally built for the Italian market and is equipped with numerous options, making it one of the most interesting examples on the market today. While optional extras didn’t include a heated steering wheel and AMG kick plates like a G63, this example is equipped with an air brake system for both the vehicle and the trailer as well as three hydraulic power take-offs. 

Sporting original parts from new, finding a Unimog for sale in any condition is a rarity, but this one has been cared for to a very high level. It’s a machine that puts other 4x4s to shame, a vehicle so robust and capable it urges you to find the deepest mud and roughest terrain at any given opportunity. Climb into the cabin via the handy step mounted directly to the wheel hub, and you’re in for one heck of an adventure!

This quirky beast is set to go under the hammer at Wannenes’ upcoming sale at Parma Automotoretrò on the 5th March, with an estimate of a mere EUR 9,000 to 13,000, most likely less than the price of a placement set of front brakes on a G63 AMG!