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Porsche’s back-to-basics 911 R is the gentleman’s GT3

Nowadays, purists might feel they get little consideration when new Porsches are devised, Cayman GT4 excepted. However, the new 2017 911 R is made specifically with these driving enthusiasts in mind – available only with a manual gearbox, naturally-aspirated engine and rear-wheel drive…

Unlike its competition-derived GT3 RS, Porsche has chosen a back-to-basics route for its latest iteration of the 991-gen 911, choosing to focus on an engaging driving experience rather than point-to-point prowess. Using the naturally-aspirated 493bhp 4.0-litre flat-six from the RS, paired to a manual six-speed gearbox (there is no dual-clutch option) that feeds the rear wheels, it produces 339lb ft of torque at an unusually high 6250rpm, hinting at peaky power delivery reminiscent of its forebears. And while we’re talking of nods to historic 911s, just look at those seats …

Pared-down for heightened appeal

Along with the engine from the GT3 RS, the R also borrows its centre-lock wheels and bumpers from the GT3, but stops short of incorporating the RS’s rather brash aerodynamic devices. Instead, the R makes use of a simple retractable spoiler to fit the car’s restrained personality. There are plastic side and rear windows, less sound-deadening material, and no rear seats; don’t expect luxuries such as air conditioning or a radio, either. As a result, it tips the scales at a mere 1370kg – a significant 50kg less than the RS – making it the lightest 911 in the range. Just 991 examples will be made.

Photos: Porsche