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Is Porsche planning to kill the Carrera?

Those looking forward to a facelifted Porsche 911 next year could be in for a shock: a recent report claims that almost all future 911s will be turbocharged. Only the GT3 is expected to breathe freely… for now.

A mid-life refresh for the current 911 is expected in Autumn 2015. As with previous generations, the visual changes will be kept to a minimum; the major changes will be beneath the smoother skin. It’s worth remembering that the second-generation 997 introduced Porsche’s PDK twin-clutch gearbox, a massive improvement over the Tiptronic set-up it replaced. But the main technological change set to materialise in the 991.2 is one that will drive a stake into the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts: in the November issue of the British magazine CAR, renowned German journalist Georg Kacher suggests the majority of the line-up will be served by turbocharged engines.

2.9 litres: The new measure of efficiency

According to Kacher’s contact pool and research, this ‘blow’ will affect all future 911s up to the enthusiast-focused GT3. The existing 3.4-litre base engine will be replaced by a turbocharged 2.9-litre six-cylinder, yet have an output of more than 400bhp, a significant jump from the 345bhp of the current lowest-rung model. Meanwhile, the Carrera S is said to retain the 3.8-litre six – albeit with blown support – and Kacher says this could produce more than 500bhp. This would effectively mean the new S outguns the current Turbo (which is traditionally replaced a year or two later). Surely Porsche’s huge faction of marketing experts would have something to say about that?

Goodbye Carrera

Kacher is less definitive about what this would mean for the track-focused GT3 and GT2 variants, although he suggests Porsche’s engineers will concentrate on reduced weight rather than forced induction for increased performance – a wise decision, perhaps, considering their purist audience. But at a time when Ferrari has admitted it will soon stop the production of free-breathing V8 engines, who knows what the future has in store for long-held traditions?

Photos: Porsche

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