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This Porsche 911 T belonged to Steve McQueen’s mistress

While it might not have starred in the film itself, this 1971 Porsche 911 T was used as a production car for the racing thriller Le Mans, and was subsequently gifted to Elga Andersen – Steve McQueen’s love interest both on and off the silver screen…

Supplied through Jo Siffert’s Swiss dealership, this 911 T was one of four 911s used by the production crew for ‘Le Mans’ – Steve McQueen’s seminal racing thriller that, ultimately, became one of the most troublesome and challenging endeavours of not just his career, but his life. McQueen and Elga Andersen’s short-lived affair during the film’s production was well documented by the tabloid media. We wonder if any frolics between the two took place in this very car? The McQueen link might be a little tenuous (perhaps an attempt to cash in on the hype that so sensationally accompanies the famous actor), but the story of this Porsche 911 T is nice enough. It’s a very clean example, too, showing just 46k kilometres on the clock, and boasting its original leather interior and chromework. It will be offered by Christie’s at ‘The Exceptional Sale’ in Paris (4 November 2015), estimated at a healthy 250,000-350,000 euros. 

Photos: Christies Images Limited 2015