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Is the McLaren P1 GTR 'the best driver's car in the world on track'?

There are owners’ clubs, then there’s the McLaren P1 GTR driver programme. The lucky custodians of McLaren’s new track-only hypercar will get to enjoy what its makers have billed ‘the best driver’s car in the world on track…’

In a similar vein to Ferrari’s ‘XX’ programmes, the folks at McLaren Special Operations will handle the hard work, managing transport, maintenance and running at a host of Grand Prix circuits around the world. They’ll even help you hone your driving style, granting access to the secretive McLaren racing simulator to help you get the most from your new ‘toy’. All you need to do is turn up… and have your wits about you, of course.

The P1 GTR is an evolved, track-only version of the hybrid hypercar which exploits the lack of mandatory regulations to make the car road-legal. Obvious (aggressive) aerodynamic differences aside, the car features slick tyres, a fixed lower ride height, air jacks, more power (1,000HP, up from 916HP – as if it were needed) and F1-derived goodies such as DRS and push-to-pass. Our favourite feature has to be those hilariously big twin exhausts, said to 'maximise the aural characteristics' of the engine.

Unveiled at a private event at Pebble Beach, the car’s livery harks back to the McLaren F1 GTR test car, chassis 01R, which would subsequently win the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. One thing’s for sure, the P1 GTR’s got big shoes to fill. 

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