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With friends like these, it’s no wonder Singer is taking over the restomod scene

After a one-off collaboration on Singer client Scott Blattner’s 946, Singer, Williams, and a whole team of automotive specialists have decided to share their technological innovations, known as the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study, with more of its valued customers…

With a little help from my friends

As of today, Singer and Williams will start restoring no more than 75 client-commissioned cars at the new Singer facility in Grove, Oxfordshire, for their new DLS project. And with a team comprised of Norbert Singer, Hans Mezger, Marino Franchitti, Chris Harris, Daniel Simon, and specialists from the likes of Michelin, Brembo, and BBS Motorsport, it’s no wonder the first example looks as great as it does, with its unique Absinthe exterior and Blood Orange leather interior. And if it sounds and handles as good as it looks — with its four-valve, four-camshaft, naturally aspirated, 500hp, air-cooled, flat-six Porsche engine, magnesium six-speed transmission, improved suspension, and bespoke Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres — those 75 slots are sure to be filled rather quickly.  

Photos: Singer Vehicle Design

You can find further information on this new project at the Singer Vehicle Design website. And if you’re looking for a 911 to be reimagined, the Classic Driver Market has hundreds of examples to choose from.