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Ferrari looks back to the 1950s for its new limited-edition Monzas

Those who deem the current range of Ferraris’ styling a little, how shall we put it, on the functional side should be rather pleased with the pure, unfussy, and sultry design of the new limited-edition Monza SP1 and SP2, just like the 1950s sports-racing cars from which they draw their inspiration…

Ferrari has just revealed the stunning Monza SP1 and SP2, the first limited-edition creations to come from its new Icone segment of ‘special series’ cars. The two Barchettas, which are based on 812 Superfast underpinnings, are directly inspired by the marque’s legendary 1940s and ’50s sports-racing cars such as the 166 MM and the 750 Monza.

Using a monolithic form without a roof and windscreen, Ferrari’s designers were free of their usual production constraints and allowed to run a little wild with their imaginations. And we must say the results are spectacular – the SP1 and SP2 are both sleeker than the Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss, which we were reminded of when we first clapped eyes on them, and more reminiscent of the cars they recall. 

The reasoning behind the nomenclature is simple – the Monza SP1 a single-seater, while you can scare the hell out of a friend in the SP2. While their design harks back to the past, their technology is very much on the cutting edge: both of their bodies are crafted entirely from carbon-fibre, while power is derived from an 810HP V12 – the most powerful engine Ferrari has ever built – which propels the SP1 and SP2 from 0–60mph in 2.9sec.

We can only imagine how ludicrous that feels from inside cockpits that are entirely exposed to the elements. On that note, thanks to an innovative ‘virtual’ windscreen ’twixt the steering wheel and the instrument binnacle, the occupants won’t climb out after each journey looking like they endured a force nine gale. For those lucky enough – we assume – to be chosen to buy either a Monza SP1 or SP2, there will also be a raft of official accessories by the Italian luxury brands Lora Piana and Berluti. We can’t wait to see how the two cars look out in the wild. 

Photos: Ferrari

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