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The one-off Omologata is an ode to Ferrari’s mythical GT cars

You’re ogling the new Ferrari Omologata, the 10th unique front-engined V12 Gran Turismo to have emerged from the marque’s Special Projects skunkworks and a modern love letter to the most revered Prancing Horses of old…

From the 250 GTO to the 550 Maranello, elegant and imposing dual-purpose Grand Tourers have always formed the backbone of Ferrari’s range.

Now, the Special Projects department in Maranello has created a spectacular modern-day tribute to the marque’s GT lineage for a loyal European customer. Based on the underpinnings of the 812 Superfast, the one-off Omologata boasts a beautiful fastback body featuring a plethora of aesthetic touches that manage to honour the past while embracing the present. It is by no means the most spectacular Prancing Horse we’ve seen emerge from the Special Projects stable (we’d bestow that honour on the P80/C), but there’s a restrained elegance to the body that very matches the character of the historic cars it evokes. Our favourite features are actually inside: the electric blue seats Ferrari 250 and the metal trim finished with a ‘crackled paint’ effect, just like you’d find in a car from the 1960s. 

Photos: Ferrari

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