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Eagle spreads its wings with third special-edition E-type

The third in Eagle’s trilogy of special-edition re-engineered Jaguar E-types, the Spyder GT combines the best characteristics of both the Low Drag GT and the Speedster…

A sign of things to come

Just as with Eagle’s two previous special-edition re-engineered Jaguar E-types, the Spyder GT has been built entirely by hand to the customer’s exact specification. Aesthetically, the car takes inspiration from the Speedster, incorporating a folding roof for convenience and practicality. Beneath the achingly pretty aluminium skin lurks a sports car mechanically very similar to the Low Drag GT, offering a more dynamic driving experience. Inevitably, each Spyder GT will be bespoke down to the very last detail. It’s certainly not an easy job improving on the Jaguar E-type – we think Eagle has nailed it, with a perfect balance of soft-styled beauty and muscular poise and purpose. 

Photos: Eagle

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