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Double up with these two uncannily similar Porsche 911 Carreras

Nope, you’re not seeing double. In fact, look a little closer at these two Porsche 911 Carreras, and you’ll realise they're different generation models…

Bet on red

We admit, the differences are minimal – but the later 1975 ‘G’ series Carrera (on the left) is ever so slightly bigger, with fewer lashings of chrome and more protrusive impact bumpers (an aspect loathed by many collectors since their inception). As nice as the later car is, the ‘proper’ 2.7 RS (on the right) – one of the sought-after ‘Lightweight’ models – is seriously desirable. Reportedly one of just three cars delivered in red with a roll bar and a limited-slip differential, this car (which is also currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market) benefits from careful restoration. Can’t choose between them? Then why not have both?

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