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Dazzling Deborah – One-off Ferrari pays homage to the legendary F40

Forget the 458 MM, Clapton’s SP12 EC, or the J50 – one of Ferrari’s well-to-do clients has just blown them all out of the water with his own car from the Special Projects department. Meet the SP38 Deborah, an F40-inspired one-off that’s drastically different to the 488 GTB upon which it’s based…

The latest in a long line of unique creations from the skunkworks that is Ferrari’s Special Projects programme, the SP38 Deborah was commissioned by a client with ‘a deep passion for racing’ and, by the looks of it, more than a penchant for the legendary F40. The ultra-modern one-off boasts a body so entirely different to the 488 GTB that it’s hard to believe they share the same underpinnings.

Deborah Red

Firstly, there’s the wedge-shaped front end, which tapers flatly towards a wide-open grille that looks equal parts 308 GTB and Aston Martin Vulcan. Then there’s the rear, which, thanks to the loss of the 488’s ungainly side air-intake, is infinitely more elegant. The three horizontal vents on the engine cover are an unashamed nod to the F40, as is the intricate (and no doubt incredibly complicated) rear aerodynamic foil, which gives the impression of the F40’s distinctive squared-off rear wing. It looks magnificent, down to the ultra-slim headlights, the unctuous triple-layer ‘Deborah Red’ paint, and the star-shaped wheels. Just why are these one-off creations so consistently cooler than the production cars upon which they’re based? We imagine the designers at Ferrari rub their hands together with glee when a blank cheque is signed by one of their wealthy clients. One thing’s for sure – the Sp38 will be a tough act to follow. See the car for yourself at Villa d’Este this weekend where it will make its public debut at the Concorso d’Eleganza.

Photos: Ferrari 

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