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Aston Martin to sell 25 ‘new’ Goldfinger DB5s for £2.75m a pop

There’s much debate in the automotive world right now about recreations and Aston Martin has just further fuelled the fire by revealing that it will build 28 ‘continuation’ DB5s built to the exact same specification as James Bond’s legendary Silver Birch example, gadgets and all…

The Midas touch?

The ‘new-original’ Goldfinger DB5s will be built in collaboration with Eon Productions, the company behind the James Bond films, and will feature a raft of the on-screen car’s gadgets developed by the Oscar-winning special effects expert Chris Corbould. Twenty-five will be sold for £2.75m (excl. taxes) each, while a further three cars will be built – one each for Aston Martin and Eon Productions, and a third which will be sold for charity. Having appeared in seven Bond flicks, the secret agent’s DB5 is arguably one of the most famous and recognisable cars in the world. For that reason, we imagine Aston will have no problem selling the 25 cars, despite their significant price tag and the fact they won’t be road legal. Personally, we’d plump for a sound DB5 in a less common and more elegant shade of navy blue or burgundy and pocket the change.

Photos: Aston Martin

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