How about owning the most famous car in the world?

The Aston Martin DB5 is arguably the world’s most recognisable car, of course much of that is thanks to Commander Bond, or more specifically Sir Sean Connery. But, there is no denying that the DB5 is a very special car in its own right.

There’s a good reason Aston Martin have regularily been voted the coolest brand in the world. That effortless cool that wafts around you when you’re in the vicinity of any Aston Martin is intoxicating. Turn that feeling up to 11 with the DB5, I recently drove one for the first time and I have to admit I felt invincible! Everyone waves, gives you a thumbs up, takes photos, in a moment you are famous, and it feels good! Of course, the car is the real star.

Upon checking the Classic Driver Marketplace, there’s a good selection of DB5s for sale, but this fine example for sale with Nicholas Mee is well worth a closer look. A three-year, ‘body off’ restoration means this car is as near to perfect as can be. Everything has either been restored or replaced, with a total expenditure in excess of £350,000. The works were completed just over a year ago, in which time the car has travelled just 1000 miles. Perfectly run in and ready for the new owner to enjoy for many years ahead.

Finished in the iconic duo of Silver Birch with Red Connolly Vaumol hide this car doesn’t just look perfect, the rebuilt engine is built to 4.2 specification meaning it also drives fantastically, developing 280bhp. The DB5 is an exceptional grand tourer, geared to carve its way across countries in effortless style. Mr Bond, your car is ready…

Discover this fine Aston Martin DB5 in more detail and check on the full stock with Nicholas Mee here