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General Georgi Koskov had no chance against Bond and his gadget-filled Aston

Grab those Martinis and the auction cards, as one of 007’s most famous gadget-filled machines are heading to RM Sotheby’s upcoming auction in Monterey on August 18th. Do we expect you to look? No, we expect you to bid!

Whether it’s a DB5 or a 2CV, a car seen in a Bond movie is one that is almost guaranteed to gain popularity. For Aston Martin, who returned to the James Bond series ahead of ‘The Living Daylights’, their brand-new V8 Coupé would make for the perfect car for the world’s favourite spy. 

However, in reality, the gadget-laden, Cumberland Grey V8 Saloon sunroof Coupé the world saw on screen wasn’t the latest or greatest, it was instead a handful of second-hand Aston Martin V8s which were modified for filming, due to delays in the new car’s production. Original configuration and condition did not matter, so long as they could be made to look like a new V8 Saloon on screen. Along with the cars used for filming, several prop replicas—little more than fiberglass body shells made by the studio—were also created, and subsequently destroyed during production.

This example was one of four examples used in filming, and features some of Q’s coolest gadgets, including outrigger skis and, perhaps most-noticeably a giant rocket booster protruding from the rear boot! With one of the four The Living Daylights film cars retained by EON Productions, and two remaining in a large private collection, this Aston Martin V8 presents a rare opportunity to acquire a genuine James Bond Aston Martin, complete with the all-important Q gadgets. If the opportunity is too good to miss, you’ll want to head to RM Sotheby’s upcoming Monterey sale on 18th August!