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Add this trio of brand new golden-age Aston Martins to your collection

Aston Martin’s continuation series for the DB4 GT, GT Zagato, and DB5 offered a select few a factory fresh ownership experience from the brand’s heyday. Now you have the unique chance to acquire all three at Finarte’s Collector Cars auction on June 5th.

No matter how good the restoration is, there’s simply no way to recreate that feeling of driving a brand new automotive icon, such as the Aston Martin DB5, away from the factory for the first time. Unless, that is, you were lucky enough to acquire one of Aston Martin’s ultra-limited continuation series models. However, with only 19 DB4 GT Zagatos, 25 DB4 GTs, and 25 DB5 Goldfinger continuations built, it’s more likely that you’d be struck by lightning than get the chance to buy all three. 

Unbelievably, however, the aforementioned trio of legendary Aston Martins is going under the hammer at Finarte’s Collector Cars auction on June 5th. If we had to pick one, it would undoubtedly be the DB4 GT Zagato for its stunning Italian coachwork, or if we wanted to be a little more undercover, perhaps we’d choose the DB5 Goldfinger with all its movie-accurate gadgetry. However, if it’s track time you’re looking for, then the DB4 GT is the pick of the litter with its roll cage and roundels hinting at this example’s eagerness to hit the circuit. Whichever of the three you choose, you can’t go wrong, but we can’t help but think these Astons would make for one hell of a three car garage.