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Is this rebuilt BMW ‘Rennsport’ better than its original?

Rebuilt cars have always been a hot topic of debate, but what about motorcycles? Are they just as desirable as their original, untouched counterparts? RM Sotheby’s hopes so, as it’ll be offering this BMW ‘Rennsport’ 54, with a rather healthy price tag, at its upcoming Villa Erba sale…

Revvy Rennsport

As one of just 24 RS 54s built by BMW in 1954, this exclusive motorbike is desirable in its own right, but add a complete rebuild by former BMW factory racer Kurt Busch, which saw the engine, gearbox, and driveshaft of Gustav Pape’s World Championship-winning motorcycle transplanted onto its frame, and could it have even greater appeal to the two-wheeled race fan? The rebuild was made with purpose, as Kees Koster, motorcycle enthusiast and racing driver, rode the RS 54 in the 1998 Centennial Classic TT in Assen, Netherlands, to commemorate his 500cc championship attempt on a BMW ‘Rennsport’ — possibly the first time it saw a track since the ’50s. Said to have been well maintained and in proper working order, hopefully we can all hear it rumble back to life again on the coast of Lake Como…

Photos: Rémi Dargegen for RM Sotheby's © 2017 

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