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This Honda CB750K café racer has an explosive past

When old machinery throws up problems, which is inevitable at some point in automotive life, both the patience and passion of the owner are tested. Luckily, Federal Moto didn’t give up on this Honda CB750, despite the bumps in the road…

 If at first you don’t succeed…

It’s an age-old problem: all the desire, not enough time. After purchasing this 1974 CB750K, the engine gave up in spectacular style, and the builders at Federal Moto struggled to find the time to work on it with their business growing around them. What’s more, each time they did grab their tools and get going, a fresh issue would arise from the mistakes made by the previous owner. Now, some three years later, the troublesome Honda is finally finished, with the usual style and quality you’d expect from Federal Moto. Sporting a timeless two-tone grey paint job, with the iconic Mobil Pegasus logo proudly adorning the 1972 vintage tank, the CB750K now boasts a custom-built ducktail section, which flows perfectly next to the gorgeous upswept exhaust, with pristine pipework from the vintage 4-into-1 sports headers adding some racing flavour. Where necessary upgrades have been made, notably with the addition of all-new electrics and a custom wiring loom, small details, such as the Japanese switchgear and hidden LED turn signals, help keep the lines of the bike clean and uncluttered. While it wasn’t an easy road, the end result of the three-year ordeal was undoubtedly worth it, and we look forward to the next custom creation rolling out of the Chicago bike builders’ laboratory.

Photos: Daniel Peter / Whiplash Racing

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