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BMW K100 'K-Fé' café racer: A recipient of raw beauty

What's the point of making a beautiful bike the tiniest bit more beautiful? Marc Robrock has instead sought an example of the ‘visually challenged’ BMW K100, and transformed it into a purist’s café racer…

German winters are long, so this metal-master was in search of a project to keep him busy during December evenings. “After 25 years as a motorcycle rider, I had the feeling that I was missing something,” explains Robrock. “Life is just too short for stuff straight off the rack.” Rather than choosing a classic from the 60s or 70s as a base, Robrock instead opted for the ugliest bike he could find. The fortunate nominee was a BMW K100 from 1984.

Bestowing beauty

Robrock began to remove all unwanted parts, and set about cleaning the rest while taking care not to destroy three decades-worth of patina. He then added an aluminium sub-frame to support the hand-made seat; meanwhile, the wheels, forks and other components were sand-blasted and painted black. After five weeks of grinding, cutting and welding, he submitted his machine to the famously strict TÜV (the German safety certification authority), and six weeks later it was returned with a clean bill of health. The resulting creation – named ‘K-Fé’ – proudly displays its hand-formed metal in a raw, unpainted state. Next on the agenda for Robrock is a new exhaust, along with a prayer for the German winter to continue for as long as possible.

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