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Catch a tan in this stunning Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate summer cruiser, then you have until the 8th of May to bid on this fantastic Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda that’s being auctioned with The Market by Bonhams.

The Mercedes 300 SL ‘Gullwing’ will likely always be the car people immediately think of when the marque’s legendary Sport-Leicht models are mentioned. However, it’s the Gullwing’s successor, the far more relaxed and, to our eye at least, more graceful Pagoda that would be our prime choice when it comes to holiday cruisers. In order to back up that statement, we present this delightful 1970 Mercedes 280 SL in a lovely combination of silver over tan leather, which is available to bid on until the 8th of May with The Market by Bonhams

Judging by these images, this Pagoda looks to be in immaculate condition, with a surprisingly low 28,315 miles on the clock. The silver exterior seems nigh on flawless, with all chrome work free of any unsightly blemishes. Contrasting the lovely bodywork is that gorgeous, rich tan interior, which appears to be in equally excellent condition. While the odd crease on the leather seats hint at the fact that this lovely drop-top has been rolling around for half a century, overall it seems to be in far better condition than many vehicles half its age. In 2019, this Pagoda was driven from San Diego to Pebble Beach, where it wowed onlookers at The Quail, and afterwards it made the almost 500 mile journey back without any issues at all. Certainly impressive for a car of this age, if not quite so surprising, considering how bullet-proof these old Mercs are. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your holiday escapades this summer, then why not pick one of the most elegant vehicles to ever wear the three pointed star?