1977 Ferrari 308


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French title

Engine nø 00441

- Rare fibreglass version
- The lightest, fastest and most desirable 308
- Thorough, regular maintenance - reliability

Sold new in France by Charles Pozzi, this superb fibreglass Ferrari 308 has always been fastidiously maintained. An inspection report from 1990 tells us that it has been comprehensively restored and showed no distortion or signs of repair. At that time it belonged to Mr Laurent Philippe, who lived in Domptin, Aisne. In 2000, a French-Swiss businessman bought the car and gave it to the Pennequin workshop in Magny-Cour (Sodemo Vintage today), to refurbish the engine. Bills from April 2002 provide details of work carried out on the V8 engine and its accessories. The car has therefore been completely overhauled and has been fitted with a high-performance exhaust.
The current owner acquired the car at the auction 'Automobiles sur la Champs' in 2012. It has covered just 3,000kms since its purchase, the owner has to sell the car as he just had his second daughter! He had sent the car to Ferrari after purchasing, but they didn't find any fault with this beautiful car. Only the fuel pump was replaced. From photos of the catalogue, the original rims were put back, with four new Michelin XWX tyres. The expensive 'Stratos' rims - the ones you can see in the photos in this catalogue - will also be supplied with the car. The engine starts on the first turn of the key and acceleration is impressive. The "polyester" or "glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)" 308 GTB is the purest of all the 308s, the lightest and most efficient and makes it a highly sought after collector car today.