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Ferrari Friday – to the pub with Ye Olde No 308

When you’ve got a Ferrari tucked up in the garage, you’ll find any viable reason to take it for a spin – a trip to the pub, for example, is as good an excuse as any…

Black beauty 

An English country pub on an overcast spring day – it couldn’t be further from the Hawaiian beachfront that is so synonymous with the Ferrari 308 GTS, thanks to its role in the cult-classic detective drama Magnum P.I. Nevertheless, it was the destination of choice for Alex Classick, whose new eponymous company’s stock was recently added to the Classic Driver Market. The black beauty in question is a 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSi, which benefitted from a recent re-spray as part of a cosmetic restoration. Who cares about the weather? A convertible is for life, not just for when the sun’s out. 

Photos: Amy Shore for Alex Classick Limited

You can find a selection of Ferrari 308 GTSs listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.