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The dream safari begins with this heavy-duty Ferrari 308 GT4

Bravery or blasphemy – whatever you want to call it, this Ferrari 308 GT4 Safari currently for sale on Classic Driver is a conversation starter. And thanks to two intrepid Italians, we know this isn’t a classic case of all mouth and no trousers…

Remember when our friends Giorgio Schön and Enrico Guggiari popped some brave pills and embarked on a 36-day 8,500-mile journey halfway around the world from Peking to Paris, driving a rally-spec Ferrari 308 GT4? The feat of endurance was nothing short of epic and we’re not sure we know many people who’d have the huevos to tackle such a trip with a notoriously fragile 1970s Ferrari. 

Coincidentally, this 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 ‘Safari’ has just appeared for sale in the Classic Driver Market. While Schön and Guggiari’s car was prepared to heavy-duty rally specification, warts ‘n’ all, this wedge of Bertone goodness is hell of a lot neater around the edges. An early production non-cat US-spec car, the GT4 has been given a fabulous (and entirely reversible) safari makeover by the Texas-based Classic Driver dealer DriverSource, at a cost of over 26,000 US dollars. 

The conversion included the fitment of adjustable coil-over suspension at all four corners, strengthened mudguards, Hella spotlights and a custom front bumper concealing a tow hook. Capping this unexpected off-roader off are 15-inch Corsa wheels shod with gravel-spec tyres and an extravagant ‘whip’ antenna connected to a CB radio inside. We appreciate that this Ferrari might upset the purists, but we think it’s a wonderful variation on the restomod theme. It was for good reason that Schön and Guggiari chose the mid-engined GT4 for their adventure and we’ve no doubt that this car would be similarly capable. Who said ravishing and rugged don’t work together?

Photos: DriverSource

You can find this 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Safari listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market, in addition to DriverSource’s entire inventory of stock