1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia


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Italian title - Exceptional experimental model - High quality restoration - A milestone in Alfa Romeo's history - Coming from the Telecommunications museum in Milan This car is of undeniable historical interest, being a Giulia Sprint 1600 equipped with an experimental 16-valve engine with fuel injection. It is likely to be the only such Giulia coupé. This engine was originally developed to equip Alfa Romeo-powered racing boats. It was a 1500cc engine with fuel injection and single ignition, believed to be one of five examples built for Abbate and Molinari, who won several speed and endurance records, to use on their competition craft. This particular Giulia would have been developed by Autodelta as a " laboratory car ", and used by Alfa Romeo well before the GTA and GT Am appeared, making it a kind of experimental predecessor. It not only boasts the distinctive engine, but also has special lightweight features such as sliding side windows in plexiglass. The unique engine was registered with the number 258 in the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo and the car with the number 400, thus confirming its authenticity. Discovered in a sorry state, it was saved in 1985 by the engineer Giacomo Tavoletti, a motorsport enthusiast who founded the Telecommunications museum in Milan, where the car was subsequently displayed. In 1986 he gave the car to the Turbomotor workshop in Milan, to be restored. This special Giulia was completely dismantled and a file of photos documents the work that was carried out. The body was stripped back to bare metal and repainted and the 16 valves injection engine was taken out, dismantled and rebuilt. It is identifiable by its eight intake tracts, wider overhead cam covers and wider exhaust pipes. The interior was also renewed, and has retained its stripped down, sporty character, with roll-cage and bucket seats. The car has wider wings to make room for wider wheels. This car is an invaluable part of the development of the Giulia coupé , evidence that Autodelta and Alfa Romeo explored different ideas before launching the competition-client versions of the GTA. Not to mention the GT Am that arrived later. Alfa Romeo subsequently abandoned the 16 valves in favour of twin-spark ignition, but returned to the idea of fuel injection. This piece of history will be of interest to all Alfa Romeo fans who may want to add this exciting 'missing link' to their collection.