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Aston Martin spreads its wings with its first official powerboat

The result of an official collaboration between the British car-builder and Quintessence, the Dutch yacht manufacturer, the Aston Martin AM37 is an innovative day-cruiser that boasts all the power, beauty and soul of its land-based cousins…

From high road to high seas

The 37-foot AM37 powerboat is the product of two years of research and development honing the perfect balance between the automotive and nautical fields. Designed by Aston’s most experienced designers, with input from the same master craftsmen who construct its cars, the boat’s defining features include the beautiful sculpted wraparound windscreen, which is made from one piece of glass, and the carbon-fibre dashboard reminiscent of those found in the current range of cars. Engine options include a pair of 370HP diesel engines, or twin petrol engines in 430HP or 520HP form, the latter of which propel the boat to some 50 knots. For style-conscious sun seekers or suave British secret agents, the AM37 is the ultimate vehicle in which to be seen.

Photos: Aston Martin

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