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Zenith defies convention with its latest watch

In an age-old industry, reinventing the several hundred wheels that keep luxury watches ticking is no easy task. Zenith has climbed this horological mountain with its latest release, the Defy Lab, which features an all-new, revolutionary movement that’s set to turn the watch world on its head…

Monolithic majesty

Aside from the striking looks and world-first Aeronith case material — the world’s lightest aluminium composite material, some 10% lighter than carbon fibre — it’s the internals that truly set the Defy Lab apart. The first improvement in the sprung-balance principle presented since 1675, a new oscillator creating a monolithic whole formed from monocrystalline silicon replaces the sprung balance, resulting in startling new statistics for this timepiece. With a 60-hour power reserve and 15 Hertz frequency, more than 10% longer and an almost 10 times higher degree of accuracy than those of the famous El Primero, the watch will maintain the same degree of precision for 95% of its power reserve, require no lubrication, is triple certified, including chronometer certification, and has an insensitivity to temperature gradients, gravity, and magnetic fields. With the Defy Lab, Zenith has not let its rich past distract it from looking forward, with a truly sensational result.

Photos: Zenith

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