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You’ll never run low on time with a Reservoir watch on your wrist

With dials inspired by the speedometers of history’s most lust-worthy automobiles, Reservoir’s Swiss-made watches are the perfect timepiece for the automotive aficionado.

While modern, digital gauges offer all the flashy graphics and information you’d expect from Gran Turismo or Forza, the loss of the classically beautiful, analogue speedometers of old is something you immediately feel when stepping into a modern car. Thankfully, Reservoir watches have taken design inspiration from the gauges of automotive greats, allowing you to carry a beautiful dial wherever you go.

The Reservoir Kanister, for example, borrows much of its beautiful face from the dials of a Porsche 356 Speedster, all set within a stunning 41.5mm Grade 5 polished titanium case. Equally eye-catching is the Longbridge, which pays homage to a certain “miniature” iconic British car, I think we can guess which one that is. No matter which automotive niche you fancy, Reservoir’s gorgeous range of timepieces will have something for you, all of which can be found in the CD Shop.