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This space-age clock is out of this world

Aiming to deliver on the promises of 1960s science fiction, the latest creation from Swiss horological heavyweights MB&F is sure to elevate any room into the stratosphere and beyond…

To the moon and back

With the distinctive silhouette of the rockets that filled the television screens and imaginations of a generation, the ‘Destination Moon’ is a stunning toy for grown-ups. As with all MB&F creations, form and function go hand in hand, with power being generated from the large crown where the engines might have been and then transferred upwards through the ‘boarding ladder’. Upon this ladder, lucky owners will find Neil, a small sterling-silver figurine, complete with a 1960s-style spacesuit that can be attached magnetically at any point on the ladder — a nod to the childish origins of the design. With the hours and minutes displayed on two gorgeous aluminium disks and time indicated by two streamlined double-ended pointers, the Destination Moon is pure theatre from start to finish and is available in black, silver, green, or blue. Only 50 of each colour will be made, and each is sure to delight its owner for many light years…

Photos: MB&F

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