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Medusa is MB&F’s jellyfish clock you never knew you needed

For us here at Classic Driver, the undisputed star of SIHH in 2019 was not a watch but rather a clock: the MB&F Medusa. Modelled on a tropical jellyfish, the miraculous contraption is the tenth collaboration between the idiosyncratic watchmaker and Switzerland’s foremost clockmaker L’Epée 1839…

Quintessential MB&F

You never thought you’d want to welcome a jellyfish into your home or office, did you? The Medusa by MB&F together with L’Epée is a dual configuration clock that’s housed within a stunning hand-blown Murano glass membrane, coloured either green, blue, or pink – the natural hues of a jellyfish. The clock, which can either be hung from the ceiling or mounted atop a desk, is the brainchild of independent designer Fabrice Gonet, who managed to capture the unshackled creativity, mechanical ingenuity, and fastidious craftsmanship that have become hallmarks of Maximillian Busser’s creations. L’Epée allegedly spent two years developing Medusa’s movement, which is engineered around a central axis and displays the time via two rotating rings. Medusa looks particularly entrancing in lower light when the warmth of the glass and the SuperLuminova markings lend the delicate clock a mysterious and almost supernatural aura. Needless to say, it’ll have your guests completely spellbound. Just 50 will be built in each colour, priced at 25,500CHF each. 

Photos: MB&F

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