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LaCalifornienne turns Rolex watches into pop art

California has an aesthetic all its own — cotton candy-coloured pink and blue skies, green palm trees, and turquoise oceans. Inspired by all this, laCalifornienne is transforming traditional Rolex timepieces into Californian pop art for your wrist…

LA state of mind

With names such as The Time is Now, Sunset Palm, and I Love LA, laCalifornienne is bringing a youthful spirit to the classic Rolex Oyster Perpetual. But it doesn’t just stop at nomenclature — each wristwatch features a bold face in aqua, flamingo pink, peach, pastel blue, deep sea blue, or mint, as well as a natural vegetable tanned leather strap dyed in a bright colour or hand-painted in a unique design. If the bold-coloured face just isn’t enough California for you, there are five pieces that have been hand-painted by artist JayDee that represent the true spirit of the state, from sunsets and palm fronds to pastel-coloured classic cars and graffiti-inspired typography. Whether skiing in the Alps or swimming in the Indian Ocean, a pop of Californian colour is always welcomed.

Photos: laCalifornienne

For more information on laCalifornienne’s pop art Rolexes, visit its website. Alternatively, you can find hundreds of Rolexes to customise listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.