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How far would you go for a cold beer?

A young British man took the pub crawl to a whole new level when he traversed over 20,000 miles — from the world’s most northern pub to the world’s most southern — in his trusty 20-year-old TVR Chimaera…

To the end of the world

While we don’t usually promote driving your car from one pub to another, when there are over 20,000 miles in between them, we’ll make an exception. Ben Coombs first started his epic ‘Pub2Pub’ road trip in his green TVR Chimaera — nicknamed Kermit — in July 2017. Starting with a pint in Svalbard, Norway, Coombs and Kermit ferried to Scandinavia, drove through Europe, and boarded a ship in Southampton, England. After arriving on the East Coast of the United States, the two continued their journey on the other side of the pond. Once reaching Texas, they continued on to Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and eventually Chile. Where, after seven months, 23,500 miles, and 24 countries, the pair finally reached Tierra del Fuego — the home of the southernmost pub in the world — for a much-deserved pint.

Photos courtesy of Álvaro Pinzón for Pub2Pub

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