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A band of former TVR engineers have re-envisaged the Speed 12

If there was a car that defined the madness of TVR, it was the Speed 12. Alas, Peter Wheeler’s dream to sell the hypercar never materialised – it seems even TVR knew when it had gone a step too far. Now, six ex-TVR employees have built a modern homage that’s every bit as barmy as the original…

The Gran Turismo generation, in particular, will remember the lunacy of the TVR Speed 12, which appeared in the second edition of the cult classic video game. Arguably the original hypercar, the 1000bhp V12 monster embodied everything that was great about the Blackpool company. Alas, the car was deemed too extreme even for TVR and the project was canned. 

Until now, that is – a band of six former TVR employees have woken the Speed 12 from its slumber. Well, sort of. In reviving the spirit of the Speed 12, Lancashire-based Helical Engineering has utilised cutting-edge modern technology to overcome the obstacles faced by TVR back in the 1990s and ensure its car is genuinely usable on the road. Designed, developed, hand-built, and tested entirely by Helical, its Speed 12 homage boasts a carbon-composite chassis, carbon-fibre bodywork, a titanium exhaust system, and, most importantly, a twin-turbocharged Aston Martin-derived 6.0-litre V12 kicking out a narcotic 1012bhp and good for 0–60mph in 2.9sec. 

You’ll be pleased to hear there’s traction control, too – even TVR guys have to grow up at some point or other. While the design has been modernised, both inside and out, it definitely still captures the unrelenting purpose and fury of the original. The example you’re ogling is the first customer car delivered by Helical’s sub-brand dedicated to the project TR Supercars. For such an exercise in British engineering nous, the £1.2m price tag doesn’t sound quite as ludicrous as the hypercar looks. Want! 

Photos: Helical Engineering / TR Supercars 

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