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Curves California – these are the most beautiful curves in the USA

So far, he has solely documented the Alps in his cult magazine ‘Curves’. But for the latest edition, photographer Stefan Bogner headed Stateside, capturing more impressive images from California’s most beautiful roads…

Life’s just not fair. Not only is beauty unevenly distributed among humans, but across scenery, too. Take America, for example – specifically the grandeur of California that, even when compared with states such as Delaware or Connecticut, retains the top spot in our opinion. You can drive for hours in the ‘Golden State’, through deep forests and barren deserts, and along mountainous coastlines. Californian roads are some of the best in the world and, at least once in your life, you must drive along the Pacific Coast, or through the Mojave Desert, Death Valley or Joshua Tree. Even the cities can be beautiful. Take the Golden Gate Bridge, Mulholland Drive, or Sunset Boulevard, for example – staples of every Californian road trip. 

For the latest issues of ‘Curves’, Munich-based photographer Stefan Bogner toured and documented all these fabulous roads. We were particularly taken with the arial shots of the Big Sur’s majestic coast, captured with the use of a helicopter. We’d love to fold back the roof, slide on our Ray-Bans and enjoy the freedom of California at our own, spirited pace. 

The latest edition of ‘Curves’, published by Delius Klasing, is now available and can be ordered at