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Step back in time with a showroom fresh Solihull’s Range Rover Classic 2 door

Who doesn’t love a Range Rover? We certainly do in the Classic Driver office, so when Solihull’s contacted us about launching their new brand we had to know more.

Pictured here is a 1975 Range Rover Classic 2 door in Lincoln Green. Originally shipped to Dusseldorf, Germany. This car sparked the foundations of an idea that became Solihull’s, a new company operating out of Bahrain offering total restorations and sales of classic Range Rovers.


When this car arrived, it was looking pretty sorry for itself, having been well used like so many of these vehicles were. The interior was ruined, and the car had been badly resprayed white at some stage. Solihull’s found the original information for the car and set about returning it back to showroom condition and its original colour scheme.


Beyond the exterior it has new rubber seals, new tires, new engine parts, new original interior, new exhaust, new lights, new headliner and the wheels were refurbished in the original Sahara Dust finish. We think you will agree it looks perfect and it is ready for a new owner to enjoy it.


Solihull’s have launched with a tempting selection of cars already available, from a rare 1971 Suffix A to later 1989 Range Rover Classics. There’s no denying these are fantastic cars worthy of their classic status, and with Solihull’s it’s good to know there are companies preserving these fine cars for us to all enjoy for many years to come. So many of these cars were left abandoned and sadly many just cannot be saved as they are too far gone. As such prices for these models continue to rise and now is the time to add one to your collection before the prices double again!