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Cutting through the Chaos to find an inner Harmony with Coolnvintage

Portugese-born Land Rover lovers Coolnvintage have consistently pushed the envelope of style, design, and attention to detail for over a decade, and now, they’ve teamed up with Ana Malta for a unique project using a Series 2A as the perfect canvas.

Dancing the finest salsa between passion and precision, Coolnvintage was established from a love of all things Land Rover, with each example they creatively restore remaining distilled with the richest of history and stories to tell. 

For this one-off project, Coolnvintage founder & creative director Ricardo Pessoa and his team joined forces with Ana Malta, an artist renowned for her juxtaposition-led creations which depict the everyday and the extraordinary. While your typical canvas and easel would work just fine, the project saw the sand-shaded canvas top of a Coolnvintage Series 2A from 1966 as the perfect way to create a moving piece of art. 

Known as “Harmony in Chaos”, the artwork uses the subtlety and heritage of its Pastel Green paint finish to its advantage, using vibrant colours and textures to bring the rear of the Land Rover to life. Ana’s artwork ignites a sense of wonder and curiosity, blurring the lines between reality and imagination, and in turn, creating artwork that seems to bring new elements to its intricacy with every glance. 

These stunning images, captured on Kodak Portra 400 Film add to the aesthetic ever further, bringing a warmth and softness to both Ana’s artwork, and the sharp lines of the Series 2A. The project is a true celebration of harmony within chaos, and the beauty in imperfection, where once again, Coolnvintage have struck gold with their creativity and collaborations. Find out more about Ana and Coolnvintage in their video below: