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Blowing out the candles in style with Coolnvintage’s new book

Celebrating a decade of creativity, craftsmanship and an unrivalled level of coolness, Land Rover rejuvenators Coolnvintage’s new book is coming to the CD Shop, and we cannot wait to get stuck into this one!

It’s a car renowned for its adaptability, durability, and capability, wading through muddy waters and scaling the highest peaks, but before Lisbon-based masterminds Coolnvintage got involved, the word ‘stylish’ wouldn’t be one used to describe the Land Rover Defender.

However, style is exactly what Coolnvintage live and breathe, taking the simplistic nature of the original machine and transforming it into the ultimate expression of individuality. Now, the company has reached its 10-year anniversary, and to celebrate they’ve launched a new book, paying a photographic homage to Land Rovers and everything they stand for.

Through relentless dedication and the incessant quest for perfection, owner Ricardo Pessoa and his team set up in Coolnvintage in 2012 and got to work on restoring Defenders to a much higher standard than when they left the factory new. The creative process was built around simplicity, ensuring the restored examples weren’t likely be unused due to fear of scratching the paint or damaging panels, after all the Defender is a vehicle built for just about anything.

Since their inception, Coolnvintage have received worldwide admiration for their builds, with events all over the world competing for a slice of the coolness. In 2018, Deus Ex Machina’s famous Parking Lot D’Elegance at their LA hub was based entirely around a Coolnvintage Defender, firmly marking their stamp on the US audience, who naturally lapped up the wander-lusting 4x4. The two stylish companies would return for another collaboration a year later, creating the one-off N82 for Deus Ex Machina Europe and Yamaha, which hauled one of the motorcycle brand’s most sought after machines: a first year Paris Dakar XT500. Whilst the real drop-top Series II might cost a fair bit, Coolnvintage later collaborated with childhood heroes Matchbox to create a delightful 1/64 scale version of the vibrant hauler.

Of course, with the Defender being such an iconic vehicle around the world, Land Rover had to tread extremely carefully around the idea of its evolution. When that day finally came in 2020, Land Rover hit the US market hard with a huge event celebrating the rich heritage and prosperous future the Defender can expect. Coolnvintage’s effortlessly stylish art chassis was one of only three classic examples on display, including Steve McQueen’s Series 2, but the vibrancy of Vasco Costa’s design made this Defender the star of the event.

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of passion and creativity, and Coolnvintage’s new book reveals the process behind the obsession for detail and a commitment to the essentials, as well as the inspiration that they take from the world around them.

The book is now available to pre-order right here on the CD Shop. If you do so, you’ll also receive four stunning photographic prints that will only be available for an additional cost once the book is officially released. Therefore, we urge you to place your order now, not only to enjoy the freebies, but to ensure you get your own copy before they all sell out!