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With matching numbers and original colours, this might be the perfect BMW 507

It seems even stunning coachwork and a sonorous V8 can’t guarantee sales, and the BMW 507 is proof of that. Despite its rarity, Thiesen Berlin might have found one of the best examples on the planet, and it could be yours!

While the looks of some of BMW’s more recent creations have been divisive to say the least, the brand’s history is absolutely brimming with handsome and beautiful driving machines. The chiselled good looks of the box-flared E30 M3 immediately spring to mind, as does the wonderfully wedgy Giugiaro-designed M1, but one of the rides bearing the Bavarian Motor Werks badge to truly make jaws hit the floor was the stunning BMW 507. 

The 507 was born after US importer Max Hoffman noticed a gap in the market between the supremely expensive Mercedes 300SL and the cheap and cheerful offerings from MG and Triumph. Boasting a gorgeous aluminium body designed by Albrecht von Goertz and a lovely 3.2-litre V8, it seemed the 507 was destined for greatness, but BMW’s hopes of selling their stunning grand tourer for around half the price of Mercedes’ 300SL were in vain. In the end, the 507’s 30,000 Deutschmark sticker price was just below the Gullwing’s, and having taken heavy losses, BMW put an end to production after just 251 cars were built, making it one of the rarest BMWs of all time. 

Naturally with so few cars in existence, finding a good example of this Bavarian convertible isn’t an easy task, but as luck would have it, Thiesen Berlin are currently offering a near perfect 507. This stunning matching-numbers example presents in its original, timeless specification of Feather White paint over a wonderfully patinated black leather interior. Take a closer look and you’ll notice that even the seats are original! Delivered new to Germany, this 507 remained in the care of its current owner for more than 50 years, and is reportedly one of the last five cars ever built. According to BMW, only a handful of 507s left the factory with front disc brakes such as this example, separating it from an already exclusive crowd. Despite its rarity, this 507 has clearly been enjoyed over its lifetime, covering 144,000km to date, while a full restoration was undertaken at the 100,000km mark. So, for any BMW enthusiasts looking to add a new crown jewel to their collection, this beautiful 507 awaits!




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