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Look at how Breitling will deliver your new Navitimer

As one of the foremost aviation watchmakers, it’s only fitting that Breitling’s latest product will take to the skies on a global adventure…

Show and Go

We can’t help but feel that vehicles used to promote non-automotive items are often something of an afterthought for many luxury companies. Breitling, however, has elevated this to a whole new level (quite literally) for the reveal of its latest limited edition timepiece, with a fully restored 1940 Douglas DC-3. In its common roles as a commercial airliner or a military cargo hauler, the DC-3 wore numerous colour schemes, but we don’t think it’s ever looked as charming as it does in this simple Breitling livery. The watchmaker will use the legendary aircraft’s 77th birthday as the perfect excuse to promote its new DC-3 World Tour Navitimer. Each of the 500 limited pieces will be passengered aboard the Douglas on a global tour, ensuring its future owner a real piece of aviation history. Let’s hope it’s a turbulence-free journey… 

Photos: Breitling

You can find a small selection of Breitling Navitimers listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.